Tune In

We see people reconciled to God, returning to their true selves, unlocked by Love to love one another well, all caught up in God’s beautiful plan to restore Garden realities on earth.

We see this vision taking place through rhythms of life that create space for being with God and allow us to live in alignment with our deepest desires.

Rhythms of Returning

The “human condition” is often described as a sense that something is missing in our lives. By returning to God on a daily and even moment by moment basis we discover our original Source in whom we find wholeness.

Rhythms of Relationship

To engage others in a space that is mutually self-giving and free of pretense is a reality in which we thrive. Through being proactive in reaching to each other, as well as committing to the weekly gatherings, we hope to build a loving and authentic community.

Rhythms of Worship

Worship can be understood as giving your life to something. Through giving our lives back to God, we elevate our time, talents and resources above the smallness of greed and expand our personal and corporate impact on the planet and in each other.

Rhythms of Response

Seeing the world and the people in it as our responsibility is an ancient rhythm of the Church. Regularly responding to the needs of the world around us is integral to being truly human.

Rhythms of Rest

Central to being human is rest. Through rest we learn our place in the cosmos as limited while at the same time expanded and directed in the unlimited nature and power of God.

Rhythms of Creativity

Whether it be writing a song or teaching a kid to read – God has made it so that we are inextricably connected to the restoration of creation through creativity. By responding daily to God’s Spirit we contribute to Heaven coming to earth.